Novo mesto is a stand-out actor on the European stage! Did you know that Dolenjska is home to the biggest archaeological site of bronze situlae in Europe? They represent the artistic imprint left in this area by the prehistoric settlers in Europe. The title “The Town of Situlae”, awarded to Novo mesto, conveys the deep connection and pride in the historical heritage of this area. 


Archaeological site where the largest number of Iron Age situlae in Europe was discovered.

Situlae tell the story of the birth of European civilisation in this area, dating from the Iron Age. They are bronze vessels, often decorated with mythical scenes, which were used to serve drinks and store food. At no other European archaeological site were there as many situlae discovered as in the area of Novo mesto, where sixteen have been found thus far.
The site of innumerable glass beads 
The archaeological sites of glass beads, which our ancestors used to make necklaces and bracelets, prove the existence of prehistoric jewellery. Many have described this site as incredible. So many beads have been found there that it was impossible to count them all. Archaeologists estimate: “Whilst in some other European Hallstatt graves, two beads were discovered, the site in Dolenjska holds thousands more”. 
The most important movable heritage of Slovenia 
Visit Novo mesto, and let the rich cultural and historical atmosphere of the place lead your way. The creativity of the settlers can be traced to the Iron Age, as demonstrated by the unique objects and valuables that have been found. So stop by the town marked by history. 
Dolenjska Museum 
We value the archaeological heritage of this area and are aware of its significance for the whole territory of Europe. That is why the Dolenjska Museum holds permanent exhibitions on the lives of the people of past times, with an emphasis on the archaeological image of Dolenjska, especially in the Hallstatt period. 
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