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Novo mesto, also called the metropolis of Dolenjska, was founded in the year 1365, when the Austrian Archduke Rudolf IV granted city rights to the town at the bend of the Krka River. Officially called Rudolsfwerd, it grew as Novo Mesto and soon became an administration, cultural, religious and business center of Dolenjska. Novo Mesto is situated in the midst of the hilly landscape of Dolenjska, embraced by the Krka River.

Abundance of nature, tradition and culture can be a real experience for every visitor of Novo Mesto. The Krka Valley, located just above Novo mesto, is in the opinion of many the most beautiful river valley in Slovenia with tender banks, picturesque rapids and natural dams which emphasize its nature. Special attractions include numerous mills and castles which, combined with the landscape seem anachronistic in our present day. You will find the stay in our town pleasant.  You can select among a variety of viewpoints, pilgrimage trails, sports and other facilities and forests rich with walking paths, hunting possibilities, forest fruits for picking, and fishing. In the town you will find numerous monuments, and in the Museum of Dolenjska, an amazing archaeological wealth as well.

Novo mesto invites you to visit it. And if you will, and if you get to know it, you will certainly fall in love with it, because there is not a town as beautiful, sensual and desirable as Novo mesto.


Name: Novo mesto, Rudolfswert at foundation
Location: southeastern Slovenia, along the Krka River
Surface: 236 km2 (municipality); 30.3 km2 (town)
Geographical location: 45°47’54.88’’ N, 15°10’26.08’’ E
Highest peak: Trdinov vrh, 1,178 metres above sea level
Altitude: from 164 to 220 metres above sea level (Novo mesto)
Climate: moderate continental climate
Average temperature: January – 1.3 °C; July – 19.3 °C
Region: Dolenjska
Time zone: CET (UTC+1:00)
Town rights: since 1365
Population: approximately 23,000 (town), approximately 36,000 (municipality)
Administrative status: municipality
Nickname: The Town of Situlae
Municipal holiday: 7 April (the town was founded)
The largest companies: Krka,Revoz, Adria Mobil, TPV, CGP, Ursa
Nearby international border crossings: Obrežje, Metlika, Vinica
Nearby larger towns: Ljubljana (70 km), Celje (80 km); Zagreb (70 km), Karlovac (60 km), Rijeka (136 km)

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