Gorjanci Hills  

 The vast green landscape of the best-known range of hills in Dolenjska will make a lasting impact on your memory. The beauty of Gorjanci can be found in the tiny villages in the valleys, the vineyards producing Cviček wine, the green pastures and incredible hayracks. The forests are full of fairy tales and stories written about by the Slovenian writer, Janez Trdina. 

Walking trails in Gorjanci 
Go on a hike to the Trdina Peak (1178 m) and visit a mountain cottage - Koča pri Gospodični along the way to taste the delicacies of Dolenjska. The area is ideal for hiking; the peaceful surroundings will help relax your soul, and the various plant and animal species will enhance your experience. Some of the paths across Gorjanci are the Trdinova pot (the Trdina Trail), Pot kurirjev in vezistov (the Couriers’ and Signalmen’s Trail), the European long distance path, E7, the Zlatorogova transverzala ponosa (Zlatorog Transversal of Pride), and the Krka mountain trail. Choose your favourite! 

Springs of medicinal drinking water 
The steep slopes of Gorjanci hide numerous springs of drinking water that supply the Novo mesto basin. Among the most famous are the mythical Gospodična (the Miss), and the intermittent spring, Minutnik, which along with numerous other springs, are hiding in the deep and picturesque valleys. According to legend, the water springing from Gospodična is purported to have medicinal and rejuvenating power.  

The Forests 
Take a stroll around the vast beech forests that have left their distinguishing mark on the landscape of Gorjanci. Two ancient forests, at Ravna gora (Flat Mountain) and Trdinov vrh (Trdina Peak), withstood the test of time in this area. Various woodlands and meadows developed mainly in the Kobile valley. 


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