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Zavod Novo mesto

Novo mesto (Tourist board)

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Zavod Novo mesto, public service for tourism, sport, culture, and youth Novo mesto (acronym ZNM) was established in 2017 after the merger of the Cultural Center Janez Trdina and the Sports Agency Novo mesto and combines the fields of culture, sport, youth and tourism within the framework of its expanded mission. The role of the ZNM is to carry out the function of a regional center that develops policies, programs and projects in the basic fields, manages existing programs and develops new products that have a positive impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants and are attractive to foreign visitors. The institute also acts as a link between all internal and external stakeholders who work in the basic fields and cooperates with organizations from other fields. ZNM manages and develops sports-cultural-tourist-youth infrastructure, such as sports and cultural facilities, public playgrounds, banks of the Krka River and other green public areas.


In the field of sports, the institute runs programs for children and youth, such as Little Sunshine, Learn to swim, etc. In sports recreation programs, we organize Workers' Sports and Recreational Leagues in Team Sports. ZNM organizes various sporting events such as the Athlete of the Year, Friendship Games, River Krka hi-diving, Downhill, Supathlon, etc.

ZNM in the field of culture offers quality professional and amateur cultural production. The main cultural programs of the institute are theatrical and musical subscription cycles, the international jazz festival and workshop Jazzinty, the classical music festival, cultural education for kindergartens and elementary schools, and many other projects and events.

In the field of tourism, the Institute conducts tourism projects, forms new integral tourist products and organizes central city events. It takes care of local, national and international promotion of products and services and connects regio

historic towns