Trška Gora

Strolling around the wine-growing areas of Trška gora, where the traditional Dolenjska wine, called Cviček, is made, is a unique experience. While discovering this unique landscape, visitors are sure to encounter larger and smaller vineyard cottages with inviting wine cellars. They can also visit the pilgrim Church of Mary's Birth. 

The Lindens 
At the top of the Trška gora hill, by the Church of Mary's Birth, linden trees have been growing for centuries – the largest and mightiest has a circumference of 830 centimetres. It is estimated to be over four hundred years old, and it is considered the widest linden in Dolenjska.  

The Creative Spirit 
A special feature of these wine-growing hills is undoubtedly the poetic spirit that filled the local owners of the vineyard cottages. Marjan Kozina, the virtuoso of the button accordion, Lojze Slak, and the famous accordionist, Henček, all found inspiration from the vineyard cottages of Trška gora. 

The Walking Path 
All hikers who want to enjoy the countryside in a unique way can attend one of the two hikes that take place every year. At the end of January, visitors can join the “With Cviček among the vineyards” hike, which includes homemade delicacies and Cviček wine along the way. At the beginning of May, the “Po Slakovi poti (on the Slak Trail)” hike is organised to honour the legend of Volksmusic, Lojze Slak. 

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